100% real-time overview of packaging in RTI Blockchain

Increased efficiency, lower costs and reduced CO₂ emissions.

Each year, there are more than a trillion crates, pallets, barrels and other reusable transport items (RTIs) transported in the Netherlands alone. All sorts of systems are used to keep track of these movements: paper packing slips, Excel spreadsheets, web applications and individual registration systems.

A rigmarole at best

This entails a lot of administrative rigmarole, but it doesn’t stop there. Shipments get lost, cargo capacity isn’t utilised optimally and there is a great deal of confusion between parties in the chain (poolers, suppliers, shippers and receivers); for instance, about balance and stock discrepancies or settling deposits on crates or other items.

RTI Blockchain

Owner administration

Current situation

From archipelago to chain

Instead of a chain, there is an archipelago of independent islands that barely share information with each other. RTI Blockchain has developed an innovative technology that connects these islands. Our online platform guarantees a reliable, up-to-date overview of all RTI locations and the value of the balances and stock. This means that poolers, suppliers, shippers, receivers and other stakeholders always know exactly where they stand.

RTI Blockchain saves a lot of time and money for all parties in the chain. Increasing efficiency throughout the entire chain also means a reduction in CO2 emissions which benefits everyone.

RTI Blockchain

All tranactions
in one system

Shared RTI

How it works

Your own system communicates with our platform and the blockchain technology guarantees that no inaccuracies creep in. As a result, the information displayed is always correct. The parties in the chain have direct contact with each other, while our smart software processes all item types in a single transaction. This means there is no need to enter transactions separately – and therefore twice – anymore. Balance reconciliation is a thing of the past as well. Chain partners can also have unlimited access to the information in RTI Blockchain if desired.

RTI Blockchain


Sender (A), Transporter (T), Hub (B), Receiver (C)

  • RTI Blockchain

All parties in the chain benefit from RTI Blockchain


  • Transparency and overview
  • Complete registration by users
  • Full control over transactions
  • Tailor-made solution
  • Lower operating costs


  • Lower RTI costs
  • No more lost items
  • Fast and efficient registration
  • Optimal availability of RTIs
  • Straightforward registration and invoicing


  • Lower RTI costs
  • No more lost items
  • Fast and efficient registration
  • No more serving as storage depot for RTIs
  • Straightforward registration and invoicing


  • No more handwritten packing slips
  • Real-time overview of stock and balances
  • No more hassle with managers or customers
  • Straightforward rules and registration
  • Clear invoices

Do you need a 100% real-time overview of all RTIs?

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RTI Blockchain
RTI Blockchain

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